Post Titles Styling!

With Hive, we’ve added a special feature to your titles, allowing for an extra layer of typography. This feature is available both in archives — including the homepage — and in single-post views. This feature will not modify your titles, it will only affect their visual style.

You can deactivate this feature by going to the Appearance → Customize → Hive Options tab, and checking the Disable auto-style post titles checkbox.

Titles Styling Rules
The Auto-style post titles feature uses a series of rules based on your title’s punctuation marks and letter case. At the moment these include:

Uppercase words and words followed by an exclamation mark are made «bold»;
Everything between : and ? or ! is made «italic»;
Everything before : is made «bold»;
In a title with only a ? in it, everything at the left of the question mark is «bold», and everything at the right «italic».